Bags Were Grabbed, and There Was Unicorn Vomit

We were lucky enough to snag one the fabled Grab Bags from Pimp My Keyboard last week, and have been busily sorting ever since.  We've been piecing together some fun 60% key sets and have started to make them available!

The first set we pieced together is a DSA set we're calling "Granite Garbo."  It's a bit chromatically tighter than a traditional unicorn vomit set, it's still kind of a vomit set, let's call it a garbage set.  It's "Granite Garbo."

Granite Garbo

The second set, that we toiled over several iterations to bring you is a semi-sculpted SA set we're called "Sicksick Selectric."  It's based heavily on caps from Nantucket Selectric, it's not quite a unicorn vomit set, but it's close, and it is nautically themed.  It's "Seasick Selectric."

Seasick Selectric

There's still plenty of sorting to do, and sets to put together.  Those will be coming soon.  In addition to unicorn vomit sets, we will likely soon be offering small kits of our caps from popular sets, SA and DSA individual blanks, and mini Grab Bags.  Check back soon for these and more products!

"Stay Clacky!" - Aaron -