Flat Rate Shipping Now Available

Being a small operation, in a small market, in a small country is a pretty unique situation.  Being new, we would love to offer free shipping but with the products that we currently have available we don't think it's fair to build that shipping cost back into the price of our products.  Simply absorbing that cost is also not an option either considering the low price of our products and the cost of Canada Post shipping.

We care very much about offering good products, at great prices, so we are pleased to announce that we've decided to offer a Flat Rate shipping option.  This means we will absorb 100% of packaging costs, and a portion of the shipping charges, in order to provide better value to you, our customers.

The other upside is that we will now be using almost entirely post-consumer packaging material (everything but the labels).

Faster options and trackable options for international shipments are still available.  If you're interested in Flat Rate shipping for your order simply select that from the shipping options.

Thanks very much for your business, and as always "Stay Clacky!" - Aaron - keybai.com