Billing and Shipping Updates

Recent events have brought to out attention the need to improve how we handle payments and shipping.  In reviewing the policies of the payment gateways available to us, we have made the decision to now handle all of our billing and payments through PayPal.  

PayPal is a trusted money transferring service, is the defacto standard payment method in the mechanical keyboard community, and makes payment easy and safe for all.

As a result of now using PayPal, all of our shipments will now have tracking!  That's great for the visibility and security of your goods, but of course comes with a cost.  We are no longer able to provide the low cost shipping options (which did not have tracking) that we used to offer.  That means our Canadian and US customers will have to pay a few extra bucks for shipping.  But those few extra bucks buy a lot of value in terms of shipping and security.

As our volume grows, we hope to adjust our shipping costs, and start to absorb some of that expense to bring the shipping costs down, and continue to provide the best vale for our customers and fans!

"Stay clacky!" - Aaron -