A Couple More Pictures - Sale Friday!

Looking at a busy rest of the week, and I'm not too sure how much time I will have to make more updates to my News page.  But I did want to post a couple more pictures here for those of you coming here to check it out.


Your eyes do not deceive you; I really did name the above colorway after the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull.  XD  In one of my first threads on r/MK about these Rockey Mountain Caps, I had a request to make one that looked like a volcano.  That lead to this cap, and post-casting sculpting process of creating the caldera.  The colorway here may, or may not match SA Industrial keyset from PMK.

Last cap to show off tonight is in the Sawtooth colorway.  This originated in the same thread on r/MK, also as a request, to make a cap that looked like the Sawtooth Mountain range in Idaho.  This colorway is double shot, with one solid grey shot, and the other shot being a white / bluish white swirl.

I like being able to take someone's idea and make it a reality for them, so I will always try to take colorway and sculpt requests.  I'm super proud of how both of the 2 above caps turned out.

My first raffle sale will be opening this Friday!  The full menu of available caps, and a link to the entry form will be posted here first.  The first entry that I get that mentions reading this from this News page will receive a small bonus as a Thank You for following my work.

"Stay clacky" - Aaron - keybai.com