keycap production

New Mold, New Profile, New Caps is proud to announce a new keycap blank profile:

New Artisan Keycap Blank Profile

The mold created last week is producing symmetrical, DIN standard height caps, with spherical tops, to compliment the style of Signature Plastic's much loved DSA profile.  Making this mold was a challenge full of surprises, but is producing some great looking keycap blanks.  The cap pictured here is the first cap through the mold.  The top is nicely textured, and the sides are uniformly smooth.  The challenge with hand making any keycap is getting a nice clean stem...

Great Looking Bottom

Our first run of caps called Blurple are now available on our Store page.

Lastly, we wanted to thank all of our early supporters whose kind works, ideas, and especially orders have helped us out tremendously as we march forward and make a great site!

"Stay Clacky!" - Aaron -