New Mold, New Profile, New Caps is proud to announce a new keycap blank profile:

New Artisan Keycap Blank Profile

The mold created last week is producing symmetrical, DIN standard height caps, with spherical tops, to compliment the style of Signature Plastic's much loved DSA profile.  Making this mold was a challenge full of surprises, but is producing some great looking keycap blanks.  The cap pictured here is the first cap through the mold.  The top is nicely textured, and the sides are uniformly smooth.  The challenge with hand making any keycap is getting a nice clean stem...

Great Looking Bottom

Our first run of caps called Blurple are now available on our Store page.

Lastly, we wanted to thank all of our early supporters whose kind works, ideas, and especially orders have helped us out tremendously as we march forward and make a great site!

"Stay Clacky!" - Aaron -

"Where do I buy ___ in Canada?"

"Where do I buy ___ in Canada?"  I see this question asked all the time in r/MechanicalKeyboards.  There are not many places in Canada that sell quality mechanical keyboards, and fewer still selling keyboard accessories.  Well, now there's one more.

I have been enjoying making keycaps for myself, a few close friends, and family members.  But it's clear to me (and those around me) that I have a passion for it.  So now we now pleased to start offering my keycaps to the public through

In addition to my artisan keycaps, we hope to soon begin offering other accessories.  If there's is anything you would specifically like to see offered here, don't hesitate to let us know via our Contact Page.  

We have made the decision to offer all of our products in Canadian Dollars (CAD).  For customers in Canada, that means what you see is what you pay.  No unexpected bank exchange rates, and no surprise importation charges.  For our customers in the US, with your strong US Dollar (USD), that means you're paying less than what you see.  For example, a $15.00 CAD item here, is only about $11.50 USD at the time of this writing.  For our customers around the world, just be aware that we sell in CAD, and figure your exchange rate accordingly.

Thank you for visiting  Please check back soon as our inventory will be growing and changing constantly.

"Stay clacky!" - Aaron -