O-Rings & Moving Pictures

keybai.com is please to announce that we are now offering o-rings!

Oh!  Rings!

Oh!  Rings!


Rubber o-rings dampen the feeling and sound that your keycaps make when bottoming out on the switches. They lower the travel distance of them, and can allow for a faster, and more comfortable typing experience.  Our new translucent silicone o-rings also allow for better light transmission for LED and RGB keyboards.

We have used the common black, blue and red o-rings, and have compared them to our new Translucent Silicone O-Rings.  We have found the dampening to be light, nimble, effective, and quite to our tastes.  They're what we're currently using on our boards.

There is a noticeable difference in both the feeling and the sound of the keycaps.  While we can't quite convey the feeling of them, we are to show you exactly what the sound difference is like thanks to our new Youtube channel!  Check it out, or have a look below.

"Stay clacky!" - Aaron - keybai.com