Stepping the Game Up

Through a lucky series of events facilitated by our good friends at, I was able to purchase some outstanding pressure casting equipment.  Casting my resin caps in about 4 times atmospheric pressure allows me to cast bubble-free caps.  The caps, which will be pictured here in the coming days, are by far the nicest caps we have ever made.  We are finally producing artisan keycaps the way we've always wanted to.

The pressure pot is a CA Technologies, 2.5 gallon pot designed specifically for resin casting.  The build quality on it is amazing.  The thing (if you'll pardon the pun) is a tank.  The compressor is a small, 1 gallon compressor from California Air Tools, and is the smallest, quietest, yet most robust compressor I have ever used.

The Pressure Pals

New caps are coming out of this bad-boy every chance I get.  So keep your eyes open for our first official community sale, hopefully sometime this month, and few a few other upcoming news posts about the new and exciting things happening.

"Stay clacky!" - Aaron -