keybai - Second Line

"Whereas our main line of artisan keycaps will be offered for sale in raffle sales, and other promotions, our newly branded "Second Line" will be offered as website exclusives."

Introducing the "Second Line!"

Loose Booties.JPG

Second Line is our line of production seconds which are beautiful, perfectly viable, artisan keycaps, which for some reason or another didn't quite pass our quality assurance inspection.  As a result, we're offering them as website exclusives, for deep discounts. We strive to offer only the best keycaps in our main line sale caps, so if caps come out of the mold with little things wrong with them, we just won't sell them for full price.

The Second Line has 4 types of caps, all kinds of discounts:

  • Party Bottoms - These caps have bottoms which are just slightly too rough, or are just slightly off center.  If off center, they will still fit between, and not interfere with, the caps around them.  (main line price -20%)
  • Bubble Butts - You guessed it; these caps have bubbles on the bottom.  They fit stems tightly, and the visible tops are perfect, but they get a deeper discount for every visible bubble on the bottom.  (main line price -%10 for every bubble)
  • Loose Booties - These caps do not fit tightly to a Cherry MX stem.  When flipped upside down, they may fall off the stem.  They would otherwise be indistinguishable from main line caps, so they are marked on the underside.  (main line price -%25) psst! - put a small piece of Scotch tape on your stem and they will fit tight.
  • Double Trouble - These caps fit loose, and have bubbles on the bottoms.  The visible surfaces are full quality.  The discounts for the defects above apply, plus an additional compound discount.  (main line -%50)

"Stay Clacky!" - Aaron -