Improvements to Shipping Policy

A couple of week ago we tried an experiment in offering Flat Rate Shipping.  We learned that our customers appreciated the lower pricing, but we also learned how easy it is to take a bath on the shipping charges because of the pricing structure of Canada Post.  At least one shipment cost more to ship than was charged for the cap plus shipping!

We want to say again that since we are a small operation, in a small market, in a small country, affordable shipping is still a feature we are striving to improve.  We breifly reconsidered offering free shipping, and building the shipping cost back into the price of our products.  It's a easy way to do it, but we would rather provide a more transparent pricing structure, and a better value for our customers.  And as we've recently learned, simply absorbing that cost is like paying to give out our goods, lol.

We care very much about offering fair pricing, so we will still be working on refining our shipping rates, and polices to offer you the very best overall value we can.  We will still absorb 100% of packaging costs, and in some cases a portion of the shipping charges.  We will still use almost entirely post-consumer packaging material (everything but the labels), which makes good sense for both our environment, and our customers.

Another low cost way to provide you with extra value is the introduction of our "Next Business Day Shipping Guarantee."  We pledge to that your order will ship out on the next business day (M-F), or we will send you a random novelty item at no additional charge.  These items may include hand made artisans, random keycaps, or other forthcoming novelty items.

Thank you for all your support and kind words.  We're very happy to be a part of the Mechanical Keyboard cummunity.  "Stay Clacky!" - Aaron -